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From a young age Samara Porter O’Neill was encouraged to live a life built upon the foundation of values. Such values focused on the importance of education as well as living a life of purpose. After earning her Master’s degree from Drexel University in marketing, Samara began the climb up the Fortune 500 corporate ladder.

Before leaving the corporate world, to take over her fathers Real Estate legacy; she was an esteemed consultant, Director and Project manager. When her father passed away she walked away from corporate America and took on the challenging role of Real Estate broker while being a full time mom and heavily involved in her community. She has a passion for following in her family’s footsteps and showing her children the importance of risk taking and staying faithful to your roots.

From taking on the challenge of her daughters elementary yearbook, to being a youth basketball coach, board member of YMCA, a member of the rotary club, volunteer at the Jackson food pantry and more; there is nothing she can’t find the time for. This is because Samara believes in giving back to the community ten fold and that being a role model for the youth is of the utmost importance.

Samara’s positive attitude, strong work ethic, compassion, passionate drive and perseverance can be seen in all she takes part in. Everyone who knows her respects her for her ability to transcend challenges through perseverance and compassion.

Samara plans on continuing to serve as a pillar in the community while instilling the important values she learned herself as a child. She also hopes that her company Porterplus Realty can continue to positively help the community while bringing the dreams of home buying for families to a reality

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