Explore with pirates on Brick real estate.Set sail on a real pirate adventure near Brick real estate with Jersey Shore Pirates. These scurvy dogs are just waiting to turn your landlubbing lads and lasses into real pirates in order to deal with that scalawag Pirate Pete. The Jersey Shore Pirates go sailing in the Brick home waters every day from Memorial Day through Labor Day, then every Saturday and Sunday through October 30th. The Sea Gypsy II may be a real pirate ship, but she’s also a Coast Guard Certified Vessel, so there’s no need to worry about putting out to see in a leaky old tub. She leaves every 90 minutes, starting at 9:30 a.m., with the last trip at 5 p.m.

Mini Mates Who Call Brick Home Come on a Pirate Adventure

Don’t be late to the dock! Arrive 30 minutes early, so your kiddies can be transformed into fearsome pirates, with costumes, face paint, and tattoos. (Don’t worry, they’re just temporary.) Then the mini-mates, as they’re known, will learn some basic pirating skills, like reading a treasure map, the rules of the Sea Gypsy II and how to be a crafty team and defeat Pirate Pete and win back the treasure. Each mini-mate will get a share of the loot to take back to dry land and Brick real estate.

If you’re planning a birthday party for a wee mate, why not let the Jersey Shore Pirates make it a special day? There are several party packages, which will give your child fantastic memories for years to come. In fact, parents can sit back and relax and let the pirates provide everything from party favors to pizza and cake to a party room fit for a band of new pirates.

Get acquainted with the Jersey Shore Pirates before you set sail with them. Make reservations online or by calling them at 732.899.6100.