Meet wolves near Jackson homes.If you’ve ever been curious about wolves and wolfdogs, then plan to visit Howling Woods Farm as soon as you can. It’s conveniently located for most Jackson homes at 1371 West Veterans Highway. The farm is the home of rescued wolves and wolfdogs. If all you’ve ever heard about wolves comes from The Three Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood, you’ll be in for a surprise. These animals are actually very loving, gentle, and playful. As they get used to visitors, they want to be petted and have their ears gently scratched.

Jackson Real Estate Owners Visit the Farm and Meet the Wolves and Wolfdogs

Make an appointment to visit the Jackson real estate location for a tour of the farm. Appointments are made over the phone at 732.534.5745, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Schedule your tour for any day of the week except Monday. Anyone aged 10 or older is welcome to come and meet the wolfdogs in their pens. Kids just have to be sure to bring along a parent or guardian. Tours are about an hour long. A knowledgeable guide will talk about the personality and history of each wolfdog on the farm, as well as giving an overview of the natural history of the wolf.

Bring your camera. Wear closed toe shoes, and dress for the weather. Howling Woods Farm asks that you leave all leather, fur or faux fur, down or puffy jackets, and clothing with dangling decorations at home. There is no set ticket price, but the farm requests that visitors 13 and older make a donation of $20 per person, and younger visitors make a donation of $10 per person. The donations help to buy food and supplies for the animals.

For anyone who really falls in love with the animals, there are a few ways people from Jackson homes can get more involved. The farm accepts volunteer applications. Volunteers help to maintain the enclosures, go to public education events, and conduct tours. Those who really want a wolfdog can consider taking in one of the rescues at the farm.

Visit Howling Woods Farm to learn more about visiting and volunteering.